Puppies Go Back to School in Adorable Video

It’s that time of year again!

“Back to school” days are in full swing. Having the family's schedule change abruptly and dramatically can be upsetting to a family pet. That's why some owners opt to send their dogs to canine Kindergarten, too. (Read more tips for helping your dog adjust from AKC's GoodDog! Helpline here.)

In a video produced by The Huffington Post and Purina, frisky puppies are captured on their first day of school learning weave poles, practicing basic commands (like shake), and just playing with canine classmates.

Although this video is meant to be playful, doggie daycare can be an excellent place for your dog to get socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation while you’re at work. Here are tips on selecting a daytime boarding facility for your dog.

Also, if your dog’s obedience skills have seemed to drop off a bit, read this to learn why he may need to go back to school.



Puppy Socialization

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