Living the “Pug Life” this dog knows how to relax at the pool

Living the “Pug Life” can be tough, especially in the summer heat but this little fella doesn’t need any help. This independent pug manages to scale the swimming pool ladder and get himself on to an inflatable bed, something a lot of humans might find challenging. 

This little guy can certainly teach us a little something about relaxing, or at least put a smile on our faces. It seems that the world is definitely smiling with this little pug. So far his video has racked up over 33.5 million views.

Pint Sized Pug Climbs Ladder To Get In Pool

This little guy knows how to enjoy the Pug Life.

Posted by Break on Monday, July 13, 2015

We all love a day with our pets by the water, but it’s important to be attentive, especially with pugs, who are not great swimmers. By following these safety tips, you and your pug can really enjoy lazy summer days at the pool or beach:

• If you’re going to let your pug off the leash around water, make sure he’s wearing a lifejacket.

Due to their barrel shaped bodies swimming does present more exertion for pugs compared to other breeds. Stay close and make sure he’s not exhausted.

• Be patient with your dog. Do not drop him straight into the water. He may feel like he’s swimming for his life and his system may flood with adrenaline. Take it slow and easy.

• Because of the way their airways are formed pugs have a hard time maintaining their body temperature. Make sure they stay cool and hydrated. 

• Pugs are prone to sunburn, so limit your dog’s time in the sun, whether on the water or off.

• One final tip for safe swimming with your pug and all dogs: do not leave your dog unattended near water. Remember that some breeds are better swimmers than others, but accidents can happen even with great swimmers.  Be safe, have fun!