Poodle Romps Through the Snow in Perfect Slow-Mo

poodle snow header

Our dogs are so cute and funny when they're playing, especially when they get really excited. The Poodle in this video is no exception. She runs through the heavy snow, full-speed, towards her owner holding the camera.

Kitty, who has a rather ironic name, has her ears flopping and the snow flying. And she's loving every minute of it. Her owner has brilliantly slowed down the video so that viewers get the full effect of her excitement.

Watch her fly through the winter wonderland in the video below.

With all that snow going every which direction, the other person in the video seems to be pretty fascinated, watching Kitty in amazement. We're glad someone enjoys the cold weather!

Another Poodle who is demonstrating his active breed nature is Chase! Watch him zoom around adorably in the grass.

Ah, to have the energy of a puppy...

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