Police Are Training New Working Dogs And You’ll Never Guess What Breed They Are

What breeds come to mind when we say "Police K-9"? Maybe a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, or a Bloodhound, among others. But Russian Police have a totally different idea regarding what breed they'd like to bring aboard their canine police units.

According to a Russian state news agency, they're already preparing to train their first litter of Corgi puppies! 

Due to the short nature of the small pups, the Russian Police have a few specific tasks in mind, including sniffing out floor-level objects, searching for bombs, and searching small spaces. Whether or not they'll actually be able to join other police K-9s in rank will still be based largely on results of lots of tests and training.

Just when we thought Corgis couldn't get any more cool. 

Original article found here.

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