11 Precious Photos Of Pointer Puppies

The Pointer was originally developed centuries ago as a hunting dog with an excellent nose and the ability to find and “point” birds and other small game to supply food for the dinner table. One of the oldest breeds in the Sporting Group, the Pointer’s natural elegance has made him a favorite of artists, and the breed can be seen depicted in paintings and sculpture going as far back as at least the 1500s.

pointer lake
"The immediate expression of compact power and agile grace ..."

The breed’s beauty is hard to beat. The breed standard says the ideal Pointer “gives the immediate expression of compact power and agile grace; the head noble, proudly carried; the expression intelligent and alert; the muscular body bespeaking both staying power and dash.”

pointer head
" ... the head noble, proudly carried ..."

So he is beautiful, and incredibly athletic, and an amazing bird-finder—but in addition to those highly valued qualities, the Pointer is a good-natured, devoted, and very versatile companion. The standard says, “in his expression are the loyalty and devotion of a true friend of man.” Pointers excel in a wide variety of activities, including agility, rally, obedience, and therapy work, as well as the show ring and hunting field.

pointer snow

"… the expression intelligent and alert."

Pointer puppies are especially appealing, with their soulful eyes, soft-as-velvet coat, cuddly bodies, and mushy faces. Enjoy this photo gallery of beautiful Pointer puppies, and we think you’ll agree they’re hard to resist.

Pointer dam with puppies
Starting out life with a loving mom.

pointer pups newborn
The eyes and ears of newborns are closed and will start to open between one and two weeks.

pointer puppies
A few weeks later — ready to explore the world.

pointer pup trophy
Is there greatness in my future?

pointer pups on beach
A trip to the beach — wow, this sand is fun!

puppies seagrass
Pretending we're on the hunt ...

pointer pup pointing
... and practicing pointing skills.

pointer pup front
Already showing "compact power."

Pointer Breeder
Lovingly raised by a responsible breeder ...

pointer pups side by side
… with hopes for a bright future ahead.

Pointers adore their people and want to please. Although they are exuberant, they tend toward a soft, sensitive temperament and should always be trained with a gentle hand.

If you are thinking a Pointer might be the right breed for you, find out more by checking out the breed pages, and visit the website of the breed's national parent club, the American Pointer Club.

All photos taken and provided by Helyne Medeiros, whose breed column about Pointers appears in the AKC Gazette every January, April, July, and October.

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