10 Picture Perfect Labrador Retrievers Guaranteed to Make You Smile



Active, friendly, and outgoing...is there anything cuter than a Labrador Retriever?

It's hard to compare to the loving and adorable face of a Lab. And that's why we've gathered these 10 perfect Labs just for you. They're guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more!

This super sleepy guy is getting up close and personal with the camera. He's all nose.


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Why do dogs sleep so much? Find out here.


One pup, two pup. Brown pup, brown pup. Okay, we know that's not how "red fish, blue fish" goes...but we like our chocolate Lab version.

And these two have the most precious puppy faces we've ever seen. Look at their giant paws too!


This yellow Lab is looking unbelievably dapper in his watermelon bow-tie. He's ready for a beautiful summer filled with swimming and tasty cold treats.


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When the sun's out (and probably even when it's not) this Lab doggo has his tongue out. And check out those pearly whites. This guy has a million dollar smile.


Free hugs? From this handsome dog? Sign us up!


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We'll take all the love this Black Lab has to offer, that's for sure.


It's a pool party for two!

True to their heritage, Labs usually love both water and retrieving.


Awww, a chocolate Lab and his mini-me.

Looks like these two will be play-buddies for life. Unsure if dogs like these are playing or fighting? Usethis guide to distinguish the difference.


Be right back, losing our minds due to a cuteness overload. If you thought the yellow Lab above looked good in a bow-tie...this pupper might just win the "dapperest dog" contest.

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Stop. It's snuggle time. Milo and Honey are always game for a good snuggle and if they would let us, we would love to join them.

After all, dogs make the best cuddle buddies.


Have you ever seen anything this amazing? We can't say that we have. Cute dog, check. Hilarious glasses, check. Dog just hanging out while wearing hilarious glasses, check.


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This video has it all. Where does a dog even get glasses like that? We don't know, but we're sure glad he has them.


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