Petty Officer 1st Class Says Farewell to Recently Retired Petty Officer Explosives Detection Canine

We want to share with our dog lovers this heartwarming story, posted on the Official Blog of the U.S. Coast Guard, about a recently retired 10-year-old Chief Petty Officer explosives detection canine, Ferro, and his handler Petty Officer 1st Class of nine years, Shane Coleman.

The story tells about the struggles that took place in the beginning between Ferro and Coleman, and how their partnership developed over the nine years into a bond so strong that the newly retired canine will serve as the future ring bearer at Coleman's wedding.

Coleman expresses in the story how the retirement of Ferro will affect him on a professional level as well as a personal one; nevertheless, Coleman is happy to retire Ferro into a well-deserved restful and relaxing life.

Read the full article about Ferro's and Shane Coleman's incredible bond here.