What People Say is the Most Important Factor in Breed Choice

When it comes to purebred dogs and dog ownership, there are some fundamental principles that shouldn’t have wiggle room for interpretation. Such as acquiring your dog from a responsible breeder; ensuring that your dog has been trained and socialized in a positive manner; and that she gets plenty of love, exercise, good food, and veterinary care.

One of the most important rules, however, should be followed before a dog walks through the door of your home: Do your research about the breed, or breeds, you’re interested in.

Try to find out everything you can about his needs (grooming, training, exercise, space), personality, physical attributes, and how all of those things will fit in with your lifestyle. One thing not to do is make a decision based solely on a superficial factor such as appearance. Sure, we all have our particular preferences when it comes to looks—it’s understandable to be drawn to the glamor of a flowing, silky coat or the impressive power of a 150-pounder, but because a breed looks a certain way doesn’t mean he is the right dog for you and your family.

When gathering data from dog owners, we were pleased to see that several of the factors that influenced their decision about breed choice are ones that will help ensure a lasting bond and mutually-happy and healthy life for dog and owner.

For instance, 26% of respondents said that the time needed to train and groom their dog was a consideration.

Size of the breed mattered most to 19% of those polled; being good with children and fitting in with their neighborhood added up to 20%.