Party Time! Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Next Party



So many things go into hosting a party at your home, but one important thing not to forget about is your dog!  From a constantly opening door to guests dropping food on the floor, there are a variety of hazards for your pup.  To help make your next big bash a success for you and safe for your four-legged friend, the AKC offers the following tips for puppy-proofing your party.


  • Let your dog relax.  Make sure to take your dog for a long walk to burn some energy off before your guests arrive.  Also, have a quiet room where your dog can go to relax and get away from the noise and crowd.

  • Keep alcohol out of your dog’s reach.  Dogs are much more sensitive to the ethanol found in alcohol than humans are, and ingesting it can cause them to vomit and become disoriented.

  • No sweets for Fido.  All chocolate is bad for dogs, but dark chocolate and baking chocolate are the riskiest.  The chemical compound theobromine found in cocoa beans is the real danger and is toxic to pets.  Regular sugar will have the same effect on dogs that it does on humans – hyperactivity followed by a sugar-crash.  The artificial sweetener Xylitol, however, is toxic to dogs.  Xylitol is found in lots of sugar-free gum, candies, and mints.

  • Be careful with candles.  Whether it’s candles on a cake or a mantel, watch your dog’s tail.  One wrong move can burn him or knock the candle over, causing a fire.


Do you have any tips?  Share with everyone in the comments!