North Carolina HB 930 Doesn’t Care About All Dogs

The American Kennel Club, leading experts in the breeding, caring and maintaining of dogs for more than 128 years, is pleased that the sponsors and humane organizations supporting the recently introduced North Carolina HB 930 agree that the AKC Care and Conditions of Dogs Policy offers the best standards for all dogs and are using them as the basis for this bill. But we are puzzled why HB 930, a so-called “law enforcement tool” to prevent cruelty – only applies to “large commercial dog breeders” which are defined in the bill as those who own 10 or more breeding females. AKC believes that all cruelty statutes should cover all dogs from one dog to 100. As of May 8, 2013, the bill has passed the House Judiciary B Subcommittee and will likely be considered on the House floor within the next several days.  The bill was amended in committee today to clarify that the bill does not apply to boarding kennels, or kennels used to train dogs for hunting, sporting, show, or field trials.  The AKC believes this is vague and unclear, and does not address the underlying concerns with this legislation. The AKC Government Relations Department will continue to monitor the progress of this bill.