These Kids Just Got A New Puppy And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Is there a better gift than an adorable, fluffy new best friend? Especially if it's not expected, gifting a puppy can spark some heartwarming reactions. 

That's what happens in these videos below when parents decide to surprise their children with a new puppy. The kids' reactions are absolutely priceless when they meet their new four-legged family members.

At first, these two girls are in a state of disbelief with the new puppy. But once they realize it's theirs...

However, it's not just kids who get emotional over a puppy surprise. In this video, a family gives their grandmother the a Christmas present that she'll never forget.

A family member brings out a basket with a nice red bow sitting on top. When the grandmother opens the basket, she screams with excitement and surprise at her new puppy staring back up at her. Once she gathers herself, the women scoops up the puppy and showers it with love. Warning: This grandmothers reaction is a tearjerker.


While it's clear how much joy a new puppy brings, owners need to remember that dogs depend on them for everything. A dog is a lifetime commitment and the love they give must always be returned.


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