Microchip Reunites Honey, Missing Dog, With Family

We absolutely love this story about Honey, a dog that was lost for three months, then found and reunited with her family, the Wallis's. This wasn't an ordinary case, however; Honey was found farther than 600 miles away from home, and moreover, was about to be adopted into a new home, when she was scanned one final time for a microchip; luckily, the microchip was detected.




This story sheds light on just how important it is to microchip your dog, enroll that microchip in a national microchip service and keep your information up to date. Without the microchip and up to date information, Honey would have never made it back home. We are wondering the same thing that most who read this story are probably wondering--how on earth did Honey travel over 600 miles from home? In any case, we're glad that she has made her way back to her family, and strongly encourage any dog owners who haven't already microchipped their dog(s), to do so as soon as possible.

Learn more about how you can microchip your dog through AKC Reunite by clicking here.

Scanning dogs in shelters is so important that AKC Reunite donated scanners to shelters in the state of Georgia as part of the new law to scan dogs before they are put up for adoption.