It’s Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and AKC’s Canine Health Foundation has launched a campaign to honor dogs that have been affected by the disease. AKC CHF is requesting photo submissions displaying dogs’ brave and inspiring fights against cancer to be sent to  These ‘Canine Cancer Superheroes’ photos will be shared on the AKC and AKC’s CHF Facebook pages throughout the entire month of May. Please include with photo submissions your name, the dog’s name, and optionally the type of cancer your superhero is fighting. You can follow the cause on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #PCAM.

In addition, AKC’s CHF is running a survey to gather information about how people reach decisions about treating their dog for cancer.

The survey questions apply to any dog owner, even if they have never had a dog with cancer. We encourage everyone to help spread awareness and support this important month-long cause. More information can be found here.

PCAM 2014 FB Cover 2