9 Times the Italian Greyhound Achieved Goofball Status

The slender Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the sighthound family and was once a favorite among royal ones. And how could they not be? Though they'll get feisty when ignored, this elegant little dog with a big personality is quirky and sweet enough for anyone. They're attentive and athletic, and their playfulness is contagious! Here are nine times the Italian Greyhound achieved goofball status.


1. When he released all that energy in the park. Just look at him go!


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2. When this little guy was ready to get out and conquer the world--even though it required a parka.


Let's go mom I'm going to be late for the #winterpuppyland event hosted by @humanesocietyny and @maisondepawz at the @thesaltypaw store .. Let's goooooo!! ❄️���� #fundraiser #humanesocietynyc #@pupsandcoffee #brooklyndogs #ItsAllAboutNola #italiangreyhoundsofinstagram #italiangreyhounds

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3. When this silly dog easily captured our hearts with his fashionable onesie.


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4. When this dog was practicing yoga in her sleep.


5. When this one's limbs almost ran off of his body in this slo-mo video.


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6. When he was willing to get a little dirty in order to have fun, paying no mind to his sophisticated jacket.


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7. And when these guys had a blast in the comfort of their own home.


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8. When this buddy had a chew toy and some human company.


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9. When this pup just wanted to help her owner out with work.


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