It Pays to Support AKC Dog Shows

By: Jennifer Clark, Canine Legislation Manager, AKC Government Relations

There is no question that dogs have a positive impact on our lives, and as noted in last week’s blog post, participating or attending a dog show is a great way to learn about the right breed of dog for your family and the joys and responsibilities of dog ownership.

But have you ever considered that there are even more far-reaching benefits of supporting responsible dog owners and local dog events? Dog shows and responsible dog ownership have a ripple effect that benefits a community’s residents, local businesses, and overall economy.

Consider this – In 2013, over 19,000 AKC-sanctioned conformation, obedience, agility, Rally, field trial, and other performance events were held throughout the country with over 3 million entries.  Each of these competitions generates significant revenue for local businesses including hotels, restaurants, transportation, and facility rentals, just to name a few. A 2013 survey of dog show participants estimates that exhibitors participating in shows can directly inject more than $1.5 million into a local community in a dog show weekend.

For more information on how AKC dog shows provide economic benefit to a community, view AKC GR’s Economic Impact of Dog Shows handout.  For information about the impact of dog shows in your particular state, go to  “2013 State Economic Impact By  State”  on the AKC website.