Invite Local and State Lawmakers to Your Dog Event

By: Jennifer Clark, Canine Legislation Manager, AKC Government Relations

Recently, AKC GR invited local lawmakers to the Tarheel Cluster dog shows in Raleigh, North Carolina so they could see first-hand what we already know – that shows encourage and celebrate excellence in breeding and the joys and responsibility of dog ownership.

In addition, AKC Canine PartnersSM hosted  My Dog Can Do That! in conjunction with the Tarheel shows. This event encourages the public to try out some agility obstacles with their dogs and receive free, one-on-one assistance from an experienced trainer.

Guests from the North Carolina General Assembly who came to the Tarheel event this year enjoyed taking their dogs through My Dog Can Do That! and participating in a tour of the dog show.  They also watched and cheered on their favorite breeds, learned about responsible dog ownership and dog laws,  walked through the grooming areas, and got to see first-hand the love, care, and dedication the exhibitors, groomers, handlers, and trainers  have for their dogs.

Do you have a dog event coming up in your area?  If so, consider inviting local and state lawmakers to attend!  Contact AKC GR at for suggestions and assistance in reaching out to your legislators and educating them about responsible dog ownership!