Photographer Captures Touching Images of People Posing Like Their Dogs

German photographer Ines Opifanti was intrigued by the idea that over time people begin to look like their dogs. So to explore this theory, she photographed several dozen dogs and then asked their owners to mimic their dogs’ expressions. “While I don’t believe in the common folk wisdom claiming dog owners become similar looking to their dogs over the years, I do believe that they become really, really good in interpreting their pets’ subtle mimic,” Opifanti says.

The result was her project “Dog People,” which is available in its entirety here. The first photo in the series (at top) is Opifanti with her own dog. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to see more of her work. Also, in her blog, she describes her experiences working with many of the dogs in the series.

Here are some of our favorites from the collection: