Siberian Husky Has The Time of His Life Playing in Leaves

There are a few simple pleasures that come along with every change of season—lying down and making snow angels in freshly fallen snow, that first splash in the waves at the start of summer, and of course, romping through a huge pile of freshly raked fall leaves. Who doesn't love that feeling of diving into a big fluffy bed of colorful autumn leaves?

Butch, a spunky Siberian Husky, apparently felt exactly the same excitement when he saw the freshly raked leaves piled up in his backyard. His enthusiasm is contagious as he makes his second and third dive back into the foliage, he has a way of making you feel like you want to jump into the scene and join in!

His owner is clearly getting such vicarious pleasure from watching Butch enjoy his new pastime that he doesn't even seem bothered by the fact that he will have to go back and rake up again when Butch is finished playing.

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