Have Leash, Will Travel

Have Leash, Will Travel


Since dogs are a beloved member of the family, many people like to travel with their four-legged friends.  With a little extra planning and savvy packing skills, vacationing with your dog can be a wonderful experience.  To help make your next vacation a stress-free one, the AKC offers the following tips on what to pack for your pet.

Familiar Food: Taking your dog’s food and bottled water along with you when traveling is a great way to keep his stomach at ease.  Dogs can get stressed in unfamiliar situations as it is, and changing his diet will only make it worse.

Crate:  Taking your dog’s crate with you is a necessity.  You will need it to keep your dog safe whether you’re traveling in a car or plane.  If you are traveling by plane, it is best to purchase your own crate instead of renting one from the airline so your dog can get used to it before the actual flight. Medicine:  Don’t forget to pack any medications that your dog needs.

Comfort from home:  Take your dog’s blanket and a favorite toy.  Don’t go crazy taking every toy you own – one or two will be just fine and won’t cause you to over pack.

Identification:  Most importantly, make sure your dog has a collar and is microchipped should he get lost.  His tag should have your cell phone number on it and check with your recovery service provider to ensure your contact information is current.  To enroll your pet in a 24-hour recovery service, visit www.akccar.org.