Grumpy Boxer Is All of Us When We Don’t Want to do Things

bella the boxer header

We all have those days where we don't want to do anything. We're tired, we're lazy, and we're grumpy. And if anyone in the dog world is the epitome of these feelings, it's Bella the Boxer.

When Bella's owner asks her how she feels about working out, Bella has quite the answer for her. See what she has to say:

Well there's certainly nothing unclear here, that whine says it all. And Bella maintains her sass for all situations that she deems appropriate.

Mornings, for one. Bella does not appreciate her owner asking her to get up, or telling her that she has to go to work. "No thank you," says Bella.

All dog owners have experienced Bella's reaction, "the straight-up ignore." It's okay Bella, we understand. Mornings are the worst. We want to just stay in bed sometimes too.

But honestly, Bella is the cutest, even if she is a little grumpy. Want to see more adorable, family-oriented Boxers? Check them out here.

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