Great Dane Can’t Figure Out How To Act Around These Tiny, Fluffy Things

great dane with kittens

Have you ever seen cute baby animals and just didn’t know what to do with yourself? (Pleading the fifth over here.)

Such is the case with this Great Dane that just can’t even deal with these cute kittens.

“What even are these little fluffy things?!” — This Great Dane, probably. Watch his amazing reaction below.

These kittens are tiny, but Great Danes are really large in size, standing up to 32 inches at the shoulder. They're a spirited and friendly breed. If you're searching for a new dog, learn more about the Great Dane here and check out the AKC Marketplace for Great Dane puppies.

For more heart-wrenching cuteness, look at these unlikely friends! Similiarly, this Bullmastiff and Yorkie differ in size, but that doesn't stop them from being BFFS. 


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