Good-Intentioned Great Dane Lends A Helping Paw To Bring In Groceries

Katie the Great Dane helping out with groceries

Sometimes our pups like to help out around the house, like Katie the Great Dane who just really wanted to help bring the groceries inside.

But wait, what was that in her mouth?

After seeing that Katie had her dog treats, we’re guessing she wasn't as interested in coming back to help. Check out the video to see her lend a helping paw and decide for yourself if she returned.

These are large and incredibly elegant dogs that love to do everything that their owners do (no wonder Katie wanted to help out!). Learn more about the gentle Great Dane here.

Looking for a puppy? Check out the AKC Marketplace for Great Dane puppies.

But Great Danes aren't the only ones with random acts of kindness up their sleeves. This Pit Bull is thinking of himself second, as saving his owner's spot in line for the ice cream truck is of utmost importance! Watch his adorable selflessness below.   



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