Cutest Puppy in The World Learn to Howl

It's certainly not a shocker that this puppy was voted "America's Cutest Dog" on Animal Planet.

At barely three weeks old, this cuddly little Golden Retriever probably cannot even stand for very long on his own four paws, but he is certainly learning to sing for his supper at a young age. The owner has managed to teach his new little puppy to give an impressive howl, when prompted.

The relationship developing between this owner and his puppy is already so sweet and the trust is so evident. You can almost see the thoughts running through the puppy's mind as he listens to his owner's whistle and the words of encouragement—if the puppy could speak, he might be saying "You know this is NOT so easy for me yet, but for you, I'll do it, because I love you so much!"

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