​Skippy, the Shih Tzu Mix, Takes Begging to a Whole New Level

Did you ever really, really want a cookie? Maybe not as much as this Shih Tzu-Bison Frise mix does. Both breeds learn easily and have a bit of the clown in them, and Skippy clearly knows how to work his audience. That carrot cake cookie does look delicious and Skippy wasn’t about to give up on it. His determination is impressive! Watch how fast his little legs pump and how long he can keep it up. Those adorable antics must have been hard to resist.

But no matter how nicely your dog asks, sugar is not really good for him. A little taste now and then won’t hurt him, but sugary snacks can have the same effect on him they have on humans: hyperactivity followed by a ‘sugar crash,’ cavities and obesity. According to his owner, Skippy did get a little lick of the carrot cake cookie. And don’t let all that frantic begging fool you. Skippy and his sister Sarah get plenty of doggie treats!