Dog Costumes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

funny costume

From a Hot Dog to a Hula Dog, and everything in between, we've compiled a list of funny dog costumes for this Halloween season. After all, since Halloween is about dressing up as something you're not, why not dress your dog up as Mr. T?

1- Rasta Dog

Take it easy, mon, this costume is a breeze.

2- Hot Diggity Dog

The perfect costume for anyone with a "wiener dog."

3- Bunny

This costume is a dog’s version of a "sexy" Halloween costume.

4- Hawaiian

A laid-back, easygoing type of Halloween costume.

5- Boxer

We knew there were muscle tees and poufy shirts, but who knew there was a muscle poufy shirt for dogs?

6- Acme Costume

Be careful, one spark might cause an explosion.

7- Court Jester

The joke is on you, this costume is just simply too cute.

8- Under Dog

This one is a gimme; the reason is in the name of the costume.

9- Pity the Fool

Who knew there was an Mr. T costume for dogs? You do now.

10- Hula Dog

The only question is: Can your dog dance the hula, too?


Decided funny isn't the look you're going for this Halloween? How about trendy? Or dog/owner costumes? Check out our complete guide to dog Halloween costumes here

And remember to stay safe! We've got your safety and activity guide here too.

For more spooktastic inspiration, head over to the AKC Shop and check out our Halloween collection!

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