We Know What Your French Bulldog is Thinking

french bulldog thoughts

We all have those days where we wish we knew exactly what our dog was thinking. French Bulldogs are playful and intelligent, but also extremely adorable. We wish we knew exactly what's on their minds, but since we don't, enjoy our take on what these cute French Bulldogs are thinking in the pictures below!

1. "Please never leave me."


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2. "Can we stay in bed forever?"

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3. "I'm only doing this because I love you."

4. "And play with me."


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5. "And let me smell the flowers."


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6. "I love playing and flowers and the outdoors."

7. "I honestly impress myself."

8. "Like, look at what a beast I am."

9. "I mean, I rock a hat better than any human ever could."


A photo posted by Chubbs (@chubbslefrenchie) on

10. "Just accept my love."

Dog love does make you happier and healthier, after all.

11. "Please never leave me."


A photo posted by Adele �� (@adelethefrenchie) on

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