Sleepy Pug Family Take the Cutest Group Nap

sleepy pug header

What's better (or cuter) than a sleepy Pug puppy? We know what you're thinking...nothing could be cuter!

That's where you're wrong. Check out this video of a whole family of sleepy pugs and tell us you're not squealing with joy.


Gosh, being a dog must be exhausting. And these guys are really living large. They're not just napping, they're napping in swings.

The third pug is definitely the sleepiest of the group. Nothing is going to wake that guy up.

Why do dogs sleep so much? Find out here.

And if you thought those Pugs were adorable, we've got some more perfection for you.

These sleepy pups are straight up spooning. How adorable?!


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And learn some fun facts about this loving, charming, and mischevious breed below.

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