English Cocker Spaniel Has Solution For Getting Toy Without Getting Wet

Jessers McGhee has a problem many of us can relate to—he doesn’t want to get his hair wet. So when the English Cocker Spaniel’s ball falls into the pool, he’s faced with a dilemma.

Fortunately, English Cockers are known for being intelligent and cheerful, helping them excel at problem-solving and many dog sports (yes, including water sports, like dock diving).

"English Cockers can be very creative problem-solvers it comes to getting that ball or toy—or treat!—they're interested in,"Arliss Paddock, senior editor of the AKC Gazette, who has raised and shown English Cockers since 1985. "They seem to enjoy the 'seeking' part almost as much as getting the thing they want. Combine that with water fun, which so many of them love, and you've got one happy and ingenious Cocker!"

So it's no wonder ol’ Jessers figured out he could still get his ball from the pool with minimal disruption to his hairdo.

See what he comes up with here:



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