Don’t Let Puppy Chewing Get You Down – Help is Here!

The AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline trainers are back with the number two frustration experienced by new puppy owners and how to solve it. The second top frustration is puppy chewing and destructiveness. Many owners pick up the phone and call the AKC Good-Dog! HelplineSM after their new shoes fall victim to puppy teeth! This is actually part of the puppy phase and will improve as the puppy matures. In the meantime, puppy proof your house – make sure there is nothing within the puppy’s reach that they can grab and chew. Always supervise your puppy – when you can’t watch him, put him in a safe, enclosed space. Make sure that there are plenty of enticing toys that the puppy can chew and ease those aching gums caused by teething.

Stay tuned for more tips from the AKC Good-Dog!SM Helpline trainers!

Border collie puppy chewing on a shoe