​Dogs vs. Doorstops: The Epic Five-Part Battle

Puppy vs. doorstop

A major part of the puppy cuteness factor is their insatiable curiosity. Whether its the tomato that holds their attention for hours or the sock that never loses its magic, small things become of great importance, and we love to watch it happen. This time it's the classic doorstop encounter, and these five puppies couldn't be more pleased.

1. This cotton ball of a Labrador Retriever is head over heels for his new friend. Though the springy companion can only offer a repetitive play experience, he has enough enthusiasm for them both.


2. This adorable French Bulldog doesn't know if he should be excited or intimidated. A few seconds into pawing the foreign object, he realizes with surprise that he was, indeed, picking on someone his own size.



3. This Golden Retriever puppy is so entranced by the doorstop that he tries to take it off the wall with his teeth. Though he starts to understand that it will never become a portable playmate, he verbally announces that he won't give up hope!



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4. This little Siberian Husky has a bit more luck, removing the doorstop after an energized swatting match.


5. Finally, this Labrador can't decide if he wants to have a staring contest or play a game of tag. Like a true over-achiever, he settles for both.


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