Need Holiday or Winter Pajama Inspiration? These Dogs Have Your Back!

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One of the best parts of the holiday and winter season is having the opportunity to snuggle up on the couch in your PJs with your dog, and just hang out. We all need some good R&R every now and then and what better time to do it than when it's cold and snowy?

With the year coming to a close and possibly more snow on the way, it's time to break out those PJs and pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa. Don't have a good pair of holiday or winter pajamas? We've got you covered. These 19 dogs have the cutest PJs that will surely give you some inspiration for buying your own. Check 'em out!

Sadie the Weimaraner is rocking some owl PJs.


Santas, snowflakes, and reindeer! Oh my!


A photo posted by Bennie Winnie Boo Bear (@ooh_bent) on


Have you ever seen a Cav snuggle so cute?

This is what we call relaxed.


The Bostons that PJ-together, stay together.


A photo posted by angie milo (@failureface) on

Looking for similar outfits for your dog? Check out this reindeer sweater and more on the AKC Shop.


"Dog pajamas come in all sizes," says Preston the GSP.


A photo posted by Preston the GSP (@prestonthegsp) on

This Greyhound agrees!


A photo posted by Duds 4 buds (@duds4buds) on


Forget the PJs, this Corgi is all about the treats.


A video posted by Bella PooPoo (@isabellacorgi) on

And we don't blame her!


This Maltese is "Santa's Little Yelper."


A photo posted by Farrah �� (@itsmsdang) on

Why do dogs howl anyways? Find out here.


Two Cavs + one Schipperke + pajamas = adorable family photo.


"Why are we awake? Time to go back to bed," says this Frenchie.

And we don't blame him. After all, on average, dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day.


"I'm all about the polka dots!" -- This Beagle.


A photo posted by Hector Macias (@h_macias_27) on

This Dachshund is too!


A photo posted by Camber (@camber_fatpaws) on


Forget staying at home, I can go out and about in my pajamas!


A photo posted by Mika (@mikatheshiba15) on

This Shiba doesn't care who sees her in her jammies.


Blu the Husky couldn't wait for Santa.


A video posted by Husky Named Blu (@huskynamedblu) on

We hope she got everything she wanted!


Flannel = pure comfort.


A photo posted by Pumbaa the Pug (@pumbaa._the_pug) on



A photo posted by Natalya (@natalyalo) on



'Tis the season!


Nothing like jammies with friends and family!

Whether you're just hanging out...

or snoozing away!


A photo posted by Bill Cameron (@summer_and_moose) on


Remember: only dress up your dog if they are comfortable wearing the outfit. For more advice on this, check out our helpful tips here.

And if you know your dog loves all kinds of clothes, be sure to head to the AKC Shop for raincoats, jackets, sweaters and more!

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