These Dogs Are Embracing Their Inner Diva In Slow Motion

Dogs getting groomed in slow motion

Most all dogs have an inner diva. Sometimes they just need a little help from us humans to showcase it.

Jess Rona is a dog groomer that had the fantastic idea to film these pups getting their hair dried in slow-motion, then set the videos to awesome music. 

Check out the different pups in slowed-down action below.



A video posted by JessRonaGrooming (@jessronagrooming) on





A video posted by JessRonaGrooming (@jessronagrooming) on


She was even able to collaborate with two of her favorite artists, Tegan and Sara, by directing and filming their music video in her shop. Check out the awesome video below.

Grooming is an important part of dog care and can even give you some time to bond with your dog. Here are a few tips on basic grooming

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