This Dog Who Got Her Toy Stuck Shows More Patience Than Most Humans

You might say she's showing incredible restraint, or the patience of a saint while she lays there in front of the door, staring longingly at her tennis ball wedged behind the doorknob. No doubt, this dog seems more than capable of jumping up and trying to nudge it out herself, or standing up in front of the door and barking like, well, like a dog, until someone comes and offers her help.

Instead, she quietly lays there, looking calm and collected, when her owner comes by and sees that she's got this little "situation" with her toy.

While she's asking her "How are you going to get the ball? Do you see it?", the dog looks like she wants to answer back "Hello, of COURSE I see it, why do you think I'm sitting here so patiently for the past 5 minutes? I'm waiting for YOU to get my ball out and give it back to me!"

Is this the most patient dog in the world or what?