Dog Hero: Pilot

Over the next few weeks, we'll be spotlighting some of the canine heroes that have received the AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence (ACE). Do you know a canine hero that deserves to be recognized? Nominate them for a 2013 ACE! Pilot won the 2012 ACE in the Service Dog category: Pilot, a Kuvasz owned by Ann Scott Arnold of Frankfort, MI, goes into the record books as the first of his breed to ever win an ACE. The Kuvasz is a mighty working dog of Hungarian descent, and Arnold well utilizes the breed’s ancient traits of strength and keen intelligence by using Pilot as a “mobility assistance dog.” Arnold sustained neck and shoulder injuries that have rendered her incapable of lifting or carrying anything weighing much more than five pounds, and she suffers from chronic pain and dizziness. Pilot, one of the very few known service dogs of his breed, enhances Arnold’s life by performing many tasks. He can carry a 15-pound load in his backpack. He pulls a shopping cart full of groceries and can drag a hundred pounds of gardening supplies on a plastic sled. He even pulls the laundry up the basement stairs in a duffel bag. And Pilot is a steady companion who can be leaned on, literally, when Arnold feels dizzy. Pilot comes from a distinguished line of show dogs. Arnold’s majestic helper revels in the attention of admirers, and eagerly awaits the “visit” command so he can accept the pats and hugs of the new friends he makes wherever he goes.