Dog Grabs Hose and Gives Owner a Soaking

Dogs can learn all kinds of helpful chores. We’ve all read about service animals who help with the laundry, call 911, open doors, turn on lights, and carry medicines. Among people whose dogs are strictly family companions, a favorite trick is to getting a can of beer from the fridge. In fact, Huffington Post published a compilation of “19 Dogs Fetching Beer on YouTube.”  The list of things that dogs for us can do is endless.

Perhaps getting some canine assistance in watering the lawn was on this man’s mind when he put this hose together with this Labrador Retriever. Or maybe the dog saw the hose running and figured it was time to give the human a bath. Who knows?

Whatever the intentions, the experiment got wild, wet, and out of control in no time. And it’s one of the funniest things you’ll see all day.

Need help teaching your dog to behave during bath time? Consider contacting AKC's GoodDog! Helpline.

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Watch this dog steal his owner's hose and chase him down! #lol #omg

Posted by AFV Animals on Thursday, July 9, 2015