See This Dog Get Super Excited About His Birthday

Everyone deserves to be excited about their birthday. Jager the dog certainly is. He may be turning 10 years old, but age clearly is not stopping him. Jager runs down the hallway, unable to contain himself when his owner declars gleefully that he is turning 10 years old today. 

“There’s no way you could be 10!” she says in disbelief as Jager runs around the room. We can hardly believe it either! He even slaps his paws against the ground in response to what his owner says to him. Clearly he knows what she is talking about. If this is his excitement at turning 10, we can only imagine what his 11th birthday will look like. We wish Jager the happiest of birthdays and hope that he has many more exciting years ahead of him in the future. (We also hope there are lots of treats.) Check out his adorable excitement below.

Source: Dog excited about birthday by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble

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