Dog-Eared Photos: Keeping Our Sport’s Legacy Picture Perfect

“Times Past,” AKC Gazette:

The Belgian shepherd breeds became popular with U.S. fanciers in the years following World War I. Helping to spread the gospel of these hearty herders was Florida lawyer and Malinois breeder Walter Mucklow, who wrote influential Gazette articles about the breeds in the mid-1920s. Mucklow illustrated the stories with photos from his personal collection.

Among them was a shot of Belgian Sheepdog littermates sired by the now-legendary stud-dog import Dick des Batards. The typewritten caption attached to the photo tells us that one of the dogs is Sultan, the first great American-bred champion of his breed.




As you can see from the “Before” picture, the 85 years since this photo was last published were not kind to the original print. Battered, tattered, and torn, this classic image has been painstakingly restored to its former luster by the AKC’s resident “image doctor,” Russell Bianca. Using PhotoShop’s array of cloning tools and filters, and his artist’s eye, Russell has ensured that Mucklow’s photo will be part of the historical record for many years to come.




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