Geronimo! Dog Cliff Dives With Perfect Form

It's certainly no secret that dogs are natural swimmers and can be great fun to take along for a day at the beach or lake, but apparently diving also comes naturally to many of them.

Take a look at this dog who wanted to have as much fun as the humans diving right off the cliff and plunging into the pool WAY down below. He appears to be fearless, and his dive form is exceptional. Definitely deserves a 10, and notice the minimal splash he creates on his entry to the water. He does not look like a rookie, in fact he may even have a few 1st place medals hanging next to his water bowl at home. If you could read his mind, it looked like he was thinking "Come on guys, when is it MY turn already?"

And what a nice touch there that he goes the extra mile to retrieve the plastic bottle in his mouth and bring it to shore on his way back!