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Dear AKC: When I go to the bookstore to look for a book to learn more about the history dogs I feel overwhelmed as the sheer number of dog books out there. Is there some central location I could go access to find out which books are best? -- Canine Book Bound 

Dear Bound: Most books you find in the book stores are recent releases unless you are in a used bookstore. Fortunately, there is an online tool you can use to learn about tens of thousands of dog books. The card catalog of the world-renowned canine research library at the American Kennel Club is available online.

Visit the library here and follow the links to the online catalog. The online bibliographic research tool, named "Caius," (pronounced KEYS) will help purebred dog lovers and researchers identify information sources to learn about such topics as the development of dog shows or the canine's ever-expanding role as a household companion. The online catalog is named for Johannes Caius, the author of the first book to classify and describe all the known dog breeds and the tasks for which they were originally bred.

The AKC Library

The AKC library, which is open to the public, is located at its corporate headquarters, at 260 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor in New York City. It contains approximately 18,000 volumes including bound periodicals, foreign and domestic stud books, art, literature, sporting, history and juvenile books. In addition there are extensive collections of videos, stamps and bookplates as well as vertical files of clippings and magazine articles. What ever you are interested in, you will find it here. Enjoy!

Bark Back ~ 
In regards to last month's column I would like to offer my experiences with my Pembroke. She is very sensitive to lights, flash lights, laser lights, watches that catch a reflection from the sun or lamp and casts a light across of the floor, etc. Once she sees one of these light beams she chases it, pokes her nose at it obsessively and when it disappears will "guard" the area waiting for the return, for hours, until she is distracted by something else. Anytime the front door is open she runs in circles around the living room because she has seen light reflecting from the front door window across the walls of the living room, day or night, it doesn't matter, but she knows it was there once. I do have to say I have never met a breed of dog so interesting to observe, I just cannot help but giggling at the corking things she does. -- C.H.

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