The 15 BEST Birthday Presents For Your Dog

15 Best Presents

We love to celebrate our dogs' birthdays just like we do with the rest of our friends and family members. Wondering what to get your dog this year? Check out these 15 perfect present ideas for your pup.

1. BFF Pack

bff pack

This is a great go-to present. A blanket, treats, and toys. What more could any pup ask for?

2. Birthday Boy Plush Dog Toy

plush dog toy

This plush toy lets everyone know it's your dog's special day.

3. Grinz Dog Ball Treat Toy

grinz dog ball

You'll get a good laugh seeing your pup with this in his mouth.

4. Up Country Anchors Aweigh Dog Collar

anchor dog collar

For the dog who loves to show his nautical side.

5. Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

treat jar

Did someone say treat?

6. Meet Color BottomShark Bed

shark dog bed

No dog will be able to resist this fun, squishy shark bed.

7. Paws Aboard Dogsavers Flyer

dogsavers flyer

A perfect disc for the active, fetch-loving dog.

8. Formal Pets Bowtie


This fancy bowtie is great for the pup who loves to dress up.

9. ZOIC Jump Hurdle Bar

jump hurdle bar

This jump works well for the rising agility star, or the dog who just loves to jump and play outside.

10. FastPet Hot Dog Design Bed

hotdog bed

Hot dog! The best gift for the dog who loves to lounge around.

11. Chewy Vuitton Plush Dog Ball

chewy vuitton toy

For the pup who prefers her toys to be designer.

12. I See Spot It's My Birthday Bandana Scarf

birthday scarf

With this present, everyone knows it's your dog's special day.

13. Circle of Love Silhouette Bowl

dog bowl

For the dog who loves the finer things in life. And anything with their name on it.

14. HDP Dog Agility Open Tunnel

agility open tunnel

This tunnel is great for practicing agility skills and irresistible to the dog who loves to run and romp around.

15. Soulmate Matching T-Shirts

matching soulmate tshirts


A gift for you both you and your pup to show how much you care.

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