Dog Best Friends That Will Make You Go “Awww”

dog bff header

We all have our best friends in life and these dogs do too! These doggie BFFs are celebrating each other today with treats, walks, and of course cuddles.

Meet some dog best buds of Instagram.

This squad is full of dogs of all shapes and sizes.


A photo posted by CarlosandPoppy (@carlosandpoppy) on


These Cav friends might as well be twins.


A photo posted by Emma (@little_emma_thedog) on


These German Shorthaired Pointers are all dressed up and taking a picture to commemorate the occasion.


These three Frenchies, on the other hand, are enjoying a group nap.


A photo posted by Carla Filies (@rocka_billie) on


This Havanese-Dachshund pair know how to lean on each other for support.


Suns out, tongues out, that's how these lounging Labs are spending their time together.


A photo posted by Labrador Sisters (@pepsiandlexus) on


These Basenji friends have paused their group walk for an amazing snapshot.


A photo posted by Houdini (@houdini.the.basenji) on


True friendship is sharing a stick.


This Boston Terrier and Beagle are best friends...buuuuut they'd each rather have their own bone.


A photo posted by Winston Scott (@winstonthebostie) on


This picture commemorates the "beginning of the epic adventures of the Porks and Mav." And who wouldn't want to partake in these adorable adventures?


A photo posted by Kaylan (@kkmats) on


These Lhasa Apso buddies have made this bookshelf a hot spot for cuddling.


This duo is trying to pretend they aren't the best of friends.

But we all know the truth.


This Corgi and Dachshund friendship is based on all of the things they have in common, including that side-eye and their adorable little legs.


A photo posted by Copper and Tod (@copper_and_tod) on


It's clear swimming is a friendship favorite of these Newfies.


And our favorite TV-watching Golden Retriever, Norm, would like to introduce his best friend, a Bernese pup named Monty.


A photo posted by norman & monty (@norm_meets_world) on

The friends that play together, stay together.


A video posted by norman & monty (@norm_meets_world) on

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