Doberman Hilariously Tries to Play Hide and Seek


Children and puppies are so similar at times. You know how a child can be when he just HAS to burn off some energy and wants a playmate to do it with him? He will ask nicely once, maybe twice "You want to come play tag with me?" and wait for an answer...and then, again "Come on...let's play tag!" waiting somewhat patiently for the friend. And if he still gets no one on board to play with him, it turns a little more urgent. "PLEASE, just for a few minutes, let's play tag??" And the final bargaining chip: "Then you choose the game!"

Well, Meari is a energetic, playful Doberman who is quite child-like in her quest to engage her owner in a game of "catch me if you can" or hide and seek. And she's rather determined to make it happen.

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