Do Redheads Have More Fun? Ask an Irish Setter!

Beautiful, fun-loving and athletic! Sounds like a dating profile, but it's the way Irish Setter lovers describe the breed. This gorgeous redhead is a rollicking, merry and sometimes mischievous pal who plays like a big kid and always looks good doing it. Don't you agree?

It's winter? Great! Let's run in the snow!

Why just take a walk when you can do this?


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He's always ready for playtime.


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And is happy to share with playmates.


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Irish Setters are great family dogs, happy to hang out with…or on…their human friends.


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But don't expect them to sit still.

For Irish Setters, every day is an adventure.

And every night is a chance to catch up on their beauty sleep.

And yes, he did wake up like this.


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