It’s Not Monkey Business! These Dachshund “Minions” Are Bananas for Ba-Na-Na’s!

Get ready to laugh out loud because this video is one of the funniest 15 seconds you will encounter. These two dancing Dachshund pals seem to be having a blast as they impersonate Minions going bananas for bananas.

Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund, is no stranger to playing dress-up. As he shares on his blog, (yes, Crusoe has his own blog) he has an extensive wardrobe of costumes for all occasions, so whether it's Halloween season or not, this dog has a closet full of options to "dress to impress."

If you are curious where you can get a similar Minion costume for your canine companion, apparently they are just 2 of a kind for now. These costumes are repurposed plush toys that were hand made at home, so you probably won't have much luck finding them at your local pet store.

For now it remains a mystery whether the Dachshund who caught the banana actually shared it with his Minion buddy. What do you say?