90 Corgi Pillows Made In Honor Of Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday

Queen with corgis in field

If you've ever dreamed of having access to 90 Corgi pillows and maybe even one of the Queen of England, Spoonflower just might be making your dream come true. In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, plush versions of everyone's favorite little dog and the Queen herself now exist. You're welcome.

corgi pillows being walked

And yes, that's a pillow of the Queen.

corgi and queen closeup

For now, Spoonflower plans to gift two Corgi pillows to the Queen, one for each of her pups Willow and Holly, though it's hoping to sometime present all 90 at Buckingham Palace. If the trip doesn't work out, Spoonflower may auction them off to raise funds for one of the Queen's favorite charities (much to everyone's luck).

Until then, it seems that we'll have to admire from afar. And admire we will.

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