Club Spotlight: Texas Kennel Club

Upon hearing the Dallas Police Department K-9 Unit was holding a dog wash to raise money to buy two new K-9 protective vests, TKC jumped into action and purchased the vests for the dogs that were in need of the equipment. Dallas PD plans to add additional dogs to the K-9 Unit in 2014 and the Texas Kennel Club has committed to purchase the vests for the newest additions to the K-9 Unit. Each vest is made-to-order and offers protection for both bullets and stabbing. 

Four Officers from the K-9 Unit, along with three of their German Shepherds, accepted the vests at the Texas Kennel Club show on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at Dallas Market Hall in Dallas, Texas. Sergeant Tracy C. Smith from the Dallas Police K-9 Unit said, “The Texas Kennel Club’s generosity cannot be overstated. With their assistance, we are able to provide another level of protection for our K-9’s. This is a partnership that we will cherish for many years to come and we look forward to working alongside the Texas Kennel Club to protect our most valuable assets!"

The Dallas Police Department K-9 Unit was formed in 1961 with three handlers chosen from over 200 volunteers. It currently has several different departments utilizing German Shepherds for explosive sniffing, drug sniffing and perpetrator tracking. The new dogs will be trained in all of the above skills.

The dogs and handlers that will benefit from the donation include:  

Sr Cpl. Curtis Steger & K-9 Orry – Has been on the PD since 1990, and been assigned to the unit since 2005. He has been the K-9 trainer for about 1 ½ years now. Orry recently seized 2.6 kilos of Methamphetamine during a search of a suspected Mexican cartel vehicle. Nine criminal indictments were filed as a result of that seizure. 

Sr Cpl. Troy Klinglesmith & K-9 Diesel – Has been on the PD since 1990 and has been assigned to the unit since 2010. Troy and his first K-9 (Fred) seized $2.3 million from a safe which was used by narcotics traffickers in 9-17-11. This seizure occurred the day after K-9 Fred was certified.

Sr Cpl. Armando Dominguez & K-9 Mirko – Has been on the PD since 2004 and has been assigned to the unit since 2007. Last year Armando and his former K-9 (Pico) answered over 400 calls for service and made over 100 arrests.

Sr Cpl. Susan Millard & K-9 Rex – Has been on the PD since 1989 and has been assigned to the unit since 1993. Susan’s current K-9 Rex is almost 10 years old! Susan has been involved with K-9 for many years including several years of working/training K-9’s in the US Air Force.

The Texas Kennel Club, founded in 1898 in Dallas, TX, is the third oldest member club of the American Kennel Club, in continuous operation. It is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization devoted to the health and welfare of purebred dogs. The Texas Kennel Club holds two All Breed Dog Shows, Obedience and Rally Trials and an Agility Trial every year. Way to go, TKC!