Club Spotlight: Samoyed Club of America

Samoyed Club of America member Laurie Olsson and her Samoyed Riker had an eye-opening experience at a recent Star Trek Convention in Chicago. After returning from the event, she shared the unique way she introduced people to the Samoyed breed.


At the convention, she discovered that photo ops were available with various Star Trek series actors, including Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek's "Number One," or Commander Riker. She asked the event staff if she could bring her dog “Riker” to take a picture with his Star Trek counterpart and they agreed.

Laurie says: “Riker has been to many meet the breeds booths at the International Kennel Club of Chicago show weekends and other shows over the years, and we work events at the "Dog Days" during our village fair. And he worked this Star Trek convention like it was another meet the breeds experience.

They had us waiting to the side of all the lines, and as people came along, we answered breed questions from Klingons, talked dog shows with the Borg Queen, and took pictures with Ferengi's. Literally hundreds of people. Everyone loved his name, and thought it was so much fun to bring my Riker to meet the TV Riker.”

Laurie encourages others to think outside the box when it comes to sharing their breeds with the public, beyond just meet the breeds events and dog shows where primarily dog people are in attendance. As she says, “if we include our dogs in a wider variety of our activities, we will reach a greater variety of the public.” Her dogs even have a standing invite to her annual company picnic.

Thanks Laurie, for sharing your wonderful experience with us! Previously published in the July AKC Gazette. Read more here