Club Spotlight: North Country Kennel Club

The North Country Kennel Club, Inc. (NCKC) recently raised funds to purchase and donate four bullet and stab-resistant vests for the local K9 officers that work in their club's area of Jefferson and Oswego Counties, New York.

Providing the protective gear that K9 officers need has become an economic challenge for many police departments, but the North Country Kennel Club believes that four-legged partners deserve the same protection as their two-legged handlers are given.

So far, the club has donated vests to K9 Nico and handler Officer Maney with the Watertown Police Department, K9 Lobo and Deputy Froelich with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, and K9 Meki and handler Officer Marino with the Fulton Police Department.  NCKC will be donating the fourth vest soon to K9 Mike with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

The club has also been purchasing pet rescue mask kits and donating them to local fire departments for use when a pet is rescued from a fire or another incident where supplemental oxygen is needed.  To date, NCKC has donated close to 20 kits to local fire departments in Jefferson and Oswego Counties, NY.