Club Spotlight: Lone Star Flock Tending Club

Lone Star Flock Tending Club President Eunice Gerloff recently demonstrated the sport of herding in her town of Plano, Texas.

The Plano Landmark Association set aside 4.5 acres in the downtown area to give local residents a farm experience during American Scout Day at the Heritage Farmstead Museum. Eunice took her sheepdogs to the city to participate in the “Sheep to Shawl” presentation, which included demos of everything from sheep herding to how to shear, spin and weave wool. Eunice, her two German Shepherd Dogs and 18 sheep demonstrated “flocktending” patrol duty throughout the day.

Eunice told us: “The visitors that had dogs of their own could easily understand the natural instincts and the territorial boundaries that the dogs maintained as a living fence while the sheep grazed inside a border painted on the ground. A wireless microphone was provided and I gave a short explanation of the basic instincts of dogs and sheep. The visitors that had never seen sheepdogs at work were impressed and amazed!”

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