Club Spotlight: Delaware County Kennel Club

Kudos to the Delaware County Kennel Club (DCKC)! As of 1/1/2014, the club has microchipped 685 dogs in Delaware County, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, all FREE of charge to owners. Wow! The club's longstanding mission is to support all the canines in the county, both the police K9s and the special dogs owned by all local residents.

To date, the club has held seven microchip clinics throughout the county, including two large clinics co-sponsored by the Delaware County Council. The County Council matched the club's donation of 350 microchips, allowing the club to reach many more dogs in the area. DCKC's next microchip clinic will be held in April, once again free to Delaware County residents.

Stay tuned to the club's website for additional details. Included in the club's microchip total are the four new K-9 officers of the Haverford Township Police Department. Officers Jango, Jaeger, Kato and Barr received their chips at the club's Fun Day this past September. And chips weren't all these dogs received. The club also provided them with K-9 bulletproof vests, K-9 First Aid kits and K-9 oxygen masks. Microchips are SO important since they can help you recover your dog if he or she is ever lost or stolen.

Make plans to attend the DCKC clinic if you're in the area or talk to your vet about microchipping. If you're an AKC club interested in hosting your own microchip clinic, check out AKC Reunite for details on how to host one.